Participation from players, parents, coaches, board members and local business is crucial for the success of building lacrosse in our community.  Here is how you can get involved.  Please contact us at .


  • The field manager will be a parent from the team.  The field manager can designate a different manager in their place if they cannot attend a game.
  • A field manager will be at all games – home or away.
  • The field manager will introduce themselves to the referees and coaches from both teams and will remain on the field area during the game.
  • The field manager will wear an orange reflective construction type vest by way of identifying himself or herself.
  • The field manager will ensure parents and spectators stay in the correct areas (Never on the field) and that they act appropriately


  • Field Lining Team: A 3-4 person team needed to line the playing fields for the middle school and high school lacrosse teams. You will be supplied with field lining sprayers, paint and training.
  • Scoring / Timing / Spotting: Volunteers needed to score, time and spot 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 grade & High School games. A 2 hour training clinic (TBA) recommended before the season starts. 
  • Sideline Manager: Every home game will require teams to identify a Sideline Manager to monitor the sidelines to assure sportsmanship & safety are adhered to by the home & visiting teams. This can be a different volunteer for each game. Without an identified Sideline Manager our team may receive a penalty.
  • Game Time Ball Manager: During the game, the home team is required to keep game balls on the end and side lines for fast game play.  We need an assigned person to maintain the balls throughout the games.


  • Grant Writing: Because we are in our second year, we have additional needs for startup costs, equipment and low income scholarships.  If you have any experience with finding and writing grants, please contact us
  • Events: We will be putting on special clinics, team activities and community service projcts with will require both parent and player involvement.
  • Merchandise Sales: We will have merchandise for sale at games.  If you see other opportunities to sell PLA merchandise, please contact us
  • Ideas: We are always welcome to ideas for fundraising. 


  • Local Businesses: Putting us in touch with sponsors who may want to advertize or just support Lacrosse in our community are welcome.  Please email
  • Corporate Sponsors: Help us find corporate sponsors.  More information about sponsorship opportunities can be found here.


  • Season Programs: Pictures of your players from last season are needed.   
  • Baggataway Bowl Special Edition: We need advertisers, pictures, sponsors and feedback on what content would be interesting to include.