PLA Policy does not allow parents to address the coaches regarding their player except for "good game, my child won't be there they are sick or injured, thanks for coaching".  If you have an issue with another parent, ref, the coach, play time, etc. you MUST first file an on-line grievance addressing your concerns.  If, in your opinion, the grievance resolution does not sufficiently remedy the situation, then you have the option to request a coaches meeting by sending your request to peninsulalax@gmail.com.

Failure to follow this process may lead to an immediate board review that most likely will result in your child being removed from the program without refund.

Our coaches generously give their time and energy to our program and our kids.  They shall be treated with respect and will be protected from any type of harassment, threats, or verbal abuse.

As a reminder, no parents, family members, friends, etc. may be on the field/sidelines near the coaches/players without prior authorization from the PLA board.



The severity of the breach of the code of conduct will determine the severity of the resulting disciplinary action. Any PLA board member or coach has the authority to use their best judgment to administer appropriate level one disciplinary action to any player, coach, official, guardian, host or spectator. Levels have been defined below.  PLA board members and coaches will monitor compliance to the code of conduct. Any level of occurrence to be addressed can be brought to the board through the grievance process. The grievance form can be found on the PLA website.



  • Form will be submitted within one week of incident and reviewed by the Athletic Director or designee within twenty-four hours.

  • Athletic Director or designee will investigate and provide a written response of findings and actions within three days of receipt of form. The board has the right to suspend while incidents are being investigated.

  • Following the board's decision the other party may request a hearing within 24 hours. The board will set up a meeting within 48 hours.

  • All grievances and findings will be maintained by secretary for the remainder of the season. Unless a permanent expulsion occurs, that record will remain indefinitely.

  • The board will treat all concerns fairly and equally and a simple majority vote will create the action.

  • In the case of a hearing, all parties are allowed to bring witness, sources etc. with them and each party is allowed to address each other in a professional manner at the discretion of the board.

  • Actions are confidential.

  • All actions of the PLA Board are final, and all fees are non-refundable for any violation where either the Board has begun action or participant chooses to depart from PLA.



  • Level 1 offense: Warning, apology, extra exercises, clean up.

  • Level 2 offense: Non-participation in a portion or entirety of a game; must attend practices to be eligible for reinstatement.

  • Level 3 offense: Non-participation for a period of time deemed by athletic director or board; must attend practices to be eligible for reinstatement.

  • Level 4 offense: Removal from participation for the remainder of the season.

  • Level 5 offense: Permanent ineligibility to participate.