Q. Why are we required to purchase an additional lacrosse membership through US LACROSSE for each player/coach ?


A: In short, we are required to provide proof of insurance when using any venue for a club sponsored activity (ie. practice, games, clinics, end of year parties). US Lacrosse provides our team insurance through Bollinger Insurance. In order to qualify for the insurance, each club must show that 100% of it's players and coaches are enrolled as members in the US LACROSSE organization. Below is a brief excerpt from the US LACROSSE website which explains how each member is covered:


"The program provides two important types of coverage. The General Liability policies (General Liability and Excess Liability) protect members who are sued for incidents arising out of lacrosse activities that involve Bodily Injury or Property Damage to others. If a player or spectator is injured and sues you as a result, or if your team ruins a school’s tennis courts by running across them in their cleats, those are the types of claims that would be covered by the Liability policies.

The second part of the insurance program is Accident Medical insurance. This coverage is made up of two policies, Basic Accident insurance and Catastrophic Accident insurance. These policies protect the individual member if he or she is injured during a covered lacrosse activity, and cover most of the out-of-pocket medical, dental and hospital expenses resulting from that injury.

Together, these plans make up the US Lacrosse Insurance Program - one of the best programs in amateur sports today!"


Q. Why does registration begin so early?
A. We open registration in the fall in order to give our interested families enough time to plan. We also have a requirement of submitting rosters to the Washington State Lacrosse League by November/December, so they can begin working on schedules for the regular season.

Q. What schools are covered by the Peninsula Lacrosse Association?
 A. If your player lives within the Peninsula High School boundaries, they will be playing for the Peninsula Lacrosse Association.  See the district site boundaries at: boundary map.

Q. When does the lacrosse season begin? How long does the season last?
A. Lacrosse practices will begin in February. The regular season typically runs through mid May. If we participate in post season tournaments, that could take us through the third week in May. High school typically begins early March and will run through May depending on playoffs.

Q. How many days a week can I expect for practices?
A. For youth level (2nd-8th), this will vary depending on coaches and field availability.  For High School (9th-12th) practices will be Monday thru Friday, with one or two Saturdays, each practice lasting 2 hours.

Q. Where are lacrosse practices held?
A. Lacrosse practices are held at one of the middle schools or elementary schools in the Peninsula School District. We compete for field space, along with soccer clubs and high school track during the Spring. We won't have an idea of locations until the beginning of February.

Q. Where can I get a game schedule?
A. Game schedules for the entire league will be posted no later than February 28th on this website. 

Q. What do I need to know about game locations?
A. Youth teams play games on Saturday only, unless a game is scheduled by the coach.  For our high school teams, families need to be prepared for weekday and Saturday games. Our High School Boys team may see a Port Angeles game at 6:00pm on a Wednesday night.

Q. I hear High School Boys need certain Helmets/Gloves, is that true?
A.  The preferred helmet for the Peninsula Lacrosse Association is a black, CASCADE brand, model R or model S helmet.

Each player is also required to have black gloves. A certain brand is not required but the majority of the glove color or base color must be black.

Q. Do we travel outside the state for games?
A. We do not travel outside of Washington for the regular season. Your coach could decide on an out-of-state post season tournament for your team, but would discuss that with the players & families at the beginning of the season.

Q. Since lacrosse is a growing sport, how does it fair against other sports in helping my child consider college?
A. More than 1 million boys played football in high school, but only 28,299 received a scholarship in Division I or II. That's about 1 in 40. Baseball is about 1 in 52, basketball about 1 in 55. Lacrosse is now about 1 in 11. In regards to the NCAA Academic Progress Rate (APR), men’s lacrosse ranked fourth of all men’s sports. The APR is a term-by-term measure of eligibility and retention for Division I student-athletes that was developed as an early indicator of eventual graduation rates. What was once a niche sport in the Mid-Atlantic and New England states is now one of the fastest-growing games in America.

Q. What are the goals of the program this year?
A. To have fun and develop basic skills in catching, throwing, and receiving ground balls.  Coaches will strive to help players develop a rudimentary understanding of the game and how to work together as a team.  It is most important that these young players have fun as they exposed to the sport.
Players will test their skills during weekly league games, mostly on Saturdays.  Game schedules will be available in early March, but teams will likely play ten (10) games against teams from the South Sound.  The season will end with full team participation in an end of the year jamboree.  All players are expected to play through the jamboree.
Q.  Who will coach the program?
A. Coaches will submit applications to the Peninsula Lacrosse Association, to be reviewed by the athletic directors.  The athletic directors will submit their recommendations to the board, who will then approve each coach.  After passing a background check and participating in the US Lacrosse certification program, coaches will then be assigned to each team.  Each team 2/3/4, 5/6, 7/8, High School JV and High School Varsity will have a head coach and assistant coach(s).

Parent volunteers will have the opportunity to support the team in roles such as: sideline manager, timer, scorekeeper, and team parent.
Q.  What equipment do players need?
A. The following equipment is required of every player:  lacrosse helmet, lacrosse stick (crosse), shoulder pads, elbow pads, and gloves.  Mouth guard (cannot be white or clear), athletic cup and cleats are also required (baseball cleats are not permitted).  Players without required equipment will not be allowed to practice or participate in games.  

Q.  Do you have rental equipment available?
A. Peninsula Seahawks Association does not have equipment to rent.  There are a number of local options (Big 5, Sports Authority, Dick’s) and even more online options (
www.sportstop.com, www.lacrossemonkey.com, www.lacrosse.com).

 (2/3/4 team only) -The Peninsula Lacrosse Association does loan equipment to the 2/3/4 players for the season. The loaned equipment includes a helmet, shoulder pads, arm guards, and gloves. Players will still need to provide a lacrosse stick (crosse), mouth guard, athletic cup, and cleats (baseball cleats are not permitted).

Q.   Are physicals required?  Are new concussion/sudden cardiac arrest forms required?
A. Physicals are not required. Concussion/sudden cardiac arrest forms are required every year before players can practice.  The club secretary will email forms to parents prior to the start of practice or you can downloaded from the PLA website 
under the “Resources” tab in the left menu bar.
Signed concussion forms are required before players can practice.