PLA 7/8 Week 7 Review
by Brian Russell posted 5/2/2021

PLA 7/8 Families,


What a game Saturday… Although the score may not have reflected it, Olympia fought us every single quarter and that is exactly what we can expect the rest of the season. I am proud of how our players rose to the occasion, demonstrating both skill and mental fortitude. Thank you to all of our volunteers for helping make yesterday happen, we literally could not have done it without you!



    Final Score: 16-3, Peninsula

    GB’s: 49-36, Peninsula

    FO’s: 16-6, Peninsula

    Shots on Goal: 37-10, Peninsula

    Assists: 7-1, Peninsula

    Goalie Saves: 8


Special shout out to our two Honor the Game recipients, Hayden Keane and Kameron Kling… GREAT JOB!!! Benson Elton had four assists (6 points), Nate Gendreau had 13 GB’s and Mason Dahlgren had 6 goals (7 points). As you can see, it really was an all around team win.


This week:


We are home against UP White at 2:15 on Roy Anderson Field. That means that I need all players on the field and suited up NLT 1:15 and we also must provide a fourth volunteer to keep time. If you have not done so, please review our Team Parent’s link on her emails (Andrea DeLong) and volunteer if you are able.



    We are doing well overall but we are far from where we have been in previous seasons. My team last season was at 100% participation and as of yesterday, I believe we are at about 50%. Again, I can not stress enough just how important this fundraiser is for our club. To the families that have submitted their 20 emails, shared through social media, etc, thank you so much. To those that have not yet had an opportunity to do so, please consider taking a moment and completing this for your player(s). I have been involved with a lot of fundraisers over the years and this has definitely been 1.) the most successful and 2.) the easiest for families to participate in.

    Let’s try to get to that 100% goal by the end of this week. If you have any questions about how to access the fundraiser or how the fundraiser impacts our club, please feel free to reach out to me.


This Week…

    More of the same. I could really tell that the way we have been trying to condition our players paid strong dividends on Saturday, you could really tell in quarters 3 and 4. We will continue to warm-up, cool-down and condition through drilling whenever possible. This will be critical as we move into the second half of the season and a potential end-of-season tournament (in which we may be moved up to the gold division.)

    Please have your player review the 10 man ride again as we will be emphasizing that and drilling it this week. That level of defensive pressure, applied properly at this level, will overwhelm other teams giving us a distinct advantage. Here is the link again if you need it: 10 Man Ride.


On a separate note, there was a small verbal altercation with the Olympia Head Coach upon completion of the game. I do not want to get into any details of the exchange other than to say how proud I am of our coaches and you as parents for having never instigated any hostilities towards each other, officials or our opposing team while representing Peninsula Lacrosse. The game of lacrosse is inherently humbling, has a deep and rich history of respect  and you have always exuded that in spades, thank you.


Coach Brian Russell

Peninsula Lacrosse Association

(253) 653-3058